Gingerbread House Preschool

 Zionsville, Indiana

Health, Safety, and Security

     The Gingerbread House Preschool is located in Zionsville, THE SAFEST CITY IN INDIANA, according to a recent studies by ValuePenguin and by SafeWise.  Click to read the 2016 report by  ValuePenguin.  Click to read the SafeWise  July 2015 report on The 30 Safest Cities in IndianaThe July 2014 report also states that "Not only do (Zionsville residents) call Indiana's safest city home, they're also members of one of the state's most highly educated communities. In fact, 66 percent of Zionsville residents have attained their Bachelor's Degree or higher."  The report also says, "The Nancy Burton/Dave Brown Trail is the heart of an ever expanding pathway system that safely connects parks, schools, and the local Boys and Girls Club."  The Gingerbread Preschool and the Zionsville Christian Church are on this trail, which passes along the western edge of the Gingerbread Preschool playground, providing additional passive security.

      Even though the Gingerbread House Preschool is located in the safest part of the safest city in Indiana, to provide the most security possible, the Zionsville Christian Church is ALWAYS locked.  And at least one teacher is ALWAYS with EVERY student.  No student is EVER left unattended.  Teachers  greet parents and authorized visitors when students are dropped off and picked up.  To visit the school after drop-off and before  pick-up you will see a video intercom at the front door of the church.  If you press the button it will ring in the church office (not the Gingerbread House Preschool office).  If no one answers, please use your cell phone to call the GBH office at 317-733-1105 or call Sue Kopecky on her cell phone at 317-509-3807.

     The classrooms, recreation rooms, hallways, rest rooms, and playgrounds are all well maintained.  The playground is treated just like the classroom when it comes to supervision, with the emphasis on safety.
     Health records are maintained on each child, including details regarding allergies.   We insist upon clean facilities, clean equipment, clean toys, and clean hands.  
On site speech and hearing testing is provided for children age 3 years and older by Janet Knutson, MS, CCC-SLP, of Children's Speech, Language and Learning Services("Kids Do Better").

     The students receive health and safety lessons from their teachers, from the visiting pediatrician, the visiting dental hygienist, the visiting Zionsville firefighters, the visiting veterinarian, and the visiting Zionsville school bus driver.